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*** ImmoFlex ***

The singular tariff, which adapts to your need automatically!
  • without basic charges
  • without minimum conversion
  • without contract connection
  • Test Package for our real estate portal1)

    12 months

    all offers

    all countries

    all tools

    Import / Export interface


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    1) Only for new customers or customers who had never in the past 6 months any offers.

    Extensive achievement pacts consists among other things of:

    Without contract connection, Termination at any time
    Detailed and extensive description possibilities. Many option and selection fields.
    Images per offer20
    More resuming link to your homepage
    At any time alterable (24h / 7 days)
    Different Exposé prints
    Automatic picture optimization
    Statistics + visitor statistics
    Settlement of accounts of your real estate right on the day
    Multilingual presentation of your offer. Auto-Translation to: English, Deutsch,Français
    Integration in our I-GPS (Intelligent geo positions search)
    Unlimited number of real estate offers
    Worldwide trade and living real estate adjustable.
    Automatic currency conversion
    between e.g. EUR, US$, CHF, YEN
    SSL-128 bit coded transmission of your personal data
    Automatic search from alternative offers from your account if requested the offer is not active.
    Free XML-Import OpenImmo
    Free XML-Export OpenImmo
    Free IS24-Interface-
    Free manager for data transmission to other real estate databases.
    Automatic transmission and administration of the offers of e.g., Partner Portals ...
    Search engines optimized set of real estate listings in one's own home page including automatic menu creation based on the set offers and selection of alternative offers for no more available.
    Offers copy directly, with or without pictures
    Offers park/deactivate
    Offers close, so that these are visible with code only.
    free email support

    Prices for real estate offers

    Offersprice per month*
    > 500+ 0,31/Offer

    *) EUR/US$ Design fundamentals: Month = 31 days
    With fewer object days (offers x days per month) the monthly costs are reduced accordingly.
    Example, month 30 days:
     20 days 45 Offers, 5 days 50 Offers and 5 days 55 Offers
     = 1425 Offerdays = 53.60 / month
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    *) US$ only for North, South and Central American
      nur für Nord, Süd und Mittelamerika

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