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Newsletter od 2009-11-30

Update Management Area on Dec 03.2009 / 17:00 Clock

In preparation for a variety of enhancements and improvements it was necessary, to change entire
base of the management area and re-create of many moduls.
This was necessary in order to integrate the one hand, in the future easier and better innovations and
secondly by the use of new techniques to increase performance and hence to enable faster work.

This update is the most comprehensive and far-reaching that has ever been put online. Hence could
despite intensive test, problems not be excluded.
Tested Browsers: IE7, FF 3.5, Opera 8.5, Safari 3.1, Google Chrome 3.0
Browsers with problems: IE6, Netscape 7.1 with active JavaScipt, Safari: sorting columns

Urgent work should be completed before 17:00 Clock at Dec. 03. 2009

From 17:00 to about 19:00 of the management area will not be available.

All other modules will be not affected or only a very short notice!

Should you discover in the next few days, errors or problems, please tell us this so that they can
be quickly removed.
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