Tomter Diogenes Sampaio Brazil | Landplot with 3 ha, partially flat, in Minas Gerais

Landplot with 3 ha, partially flat, in Minas Gerais 

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Tomter Diogenes Sampaio Brazil
Tomter Diogenes Sampaio  BrazilTomter Diogenes Sampaio  BrazilTomter Diogenes Sampaio  BrazilTomter Diogenes Sampaio  BrazilTomter Diogenes Sampaio  BrazilTomter Diogenes Sampaio  BrazilTomter Diogenes Sampaio  Brazil | QR-CODE ...

R$ 350 000 (≈ US$  69 100) 
BR-37928S-000 Diogenes Sampaio, São José do Barreiro
São Paulo, Brazil

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The landplot is located in São José do Barreiro, a district of São Roque in the Brazilian state of Minas at the end
of the Rua Antenor Alves Vilela, 302, bordering the Pousada “Paredão da Canastra”.
It is about 8 km distant from the Casca d’Anta Waterfall as well as several other waterfalls within the Serra da
Canastra National Park.
The land has a flat area, with a low front facing a beautiful landscape and next to the Serra da Babilonia.
Furthermore, there are two springs of crystalline water which provide the potential to plant a variety of native
The documentation is in order – it is currently part of a larger property and needs to be dismembered
(“desmembramento”). Details can be sent on request.

Currently there is cattle on the land and it is suitable to use as a small farm with pasture. Due to its location
there is also ample touristic potential, including the construction of a hotel. Georeferencing is currently taking

Additional videos beside the one attached to this exposé can be sent on request.

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Additional Information about the Serra da Canastra and Surroundings:

The Serra da Canastra National Park is one of the most important Brazilian national parks. Within the park
there is located the historical source of the São Francisco River, in the municipality of São Roque de Minas.

The most important region of Serra da Canastra is the area already regulated by the National Park, which has 4
accesses: one near São Roque de Minas (8 km from the city), in the districts of São José do Barreiro (9 km)
and São João Batista (1 km) and Sacramento (65 km from the city). The accesses via Sacramento and São
João Batista are usually by long dirt roads, which can be precarious during the rainy season. For São José do
Barreiro, the stretch of land is shorter (22 km) and for São Roque de Minas it is only 8 km. Through São José
do Barreiro, the visitor has direct access to the bottom of the Casca D’Anta Waterfall, the biggest attraction of
the Serra da Canastra.

The region has a high touristic, but also agricultural potential, with the main rural activities comprising coffee
cultivation, followed by soy and corn.
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