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Newsletter od 2022-09-01

Global thinking - links real estate offers from all over the world has set itself the task of not only marketing real estate offers nationally but internationally.

Marketing a property properly is not an easy task. Local real estate portals are often the actual top dogs in a particular region. But how do you network properly and increase the range of a real estate offer? has taken on this task. This should succeed with interfaces to countless portals in the industry. And not just nationally but internationally.

How does this work

Suppose you are a real estate agent and have hundreds of properties to market. However, you can only reach a certain number of potential buyers, namely only those who also visit your chosen real estate portal. Even if this is active nationwide, it is only one thing. Someone who is looking for a new home may not know this portal of all things. So it will be difficult for him to find your offer in the jungle of the Internet. can help. The idea behind it is as follows: to create interfaces to partner portals with real estate software and to network them with each other. for private providers

Of course is not only interesting for real estate agents. For real estate seekers in particular, the opportunity is created to scour the world for purchase or rental properties at home at the dining table.

Olivier Nachbagauer, owner of, explains it in a little more detail: “There are many reasons for a change of location. Finding a property quickly, whether for sale or rent, in another region is often not easy. That's why we at want to bring the world a little closer together."

Emigrating is becoming a little easier

The change of location does not always have to take place in your own country. Many are considering emigrating. But that requires sensible planning. Where should I live there? Who are the local providers? who can i trust There is also the language problem. Perhaps you are not yet 100% fluent in the language of your future residence. Real estate offers can be published in multiple languages ​​on That definitely makes the search easier.

You can find out all the measures required to offer your property globally or to find a suitable property at
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