Real estate announcements - product and price overview

Price overview for single listings*

Ad real estate

4 weeks9.49 €/US$*
= €/US$ 10.31/Month*
3 months32.90 €/US$*
= €/US$ 10.97/Month*
12 months65.90 €/US$*
= €/US$ 5.49/Month*

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Property package for commercial providers

from 24.90 €/US$³ plus VAT. per month

Number of objects Price per month
20from 24.90 €/US$**
50from 49.00 €/US$**
80from 69.00 €/US$**
100from 79.00 €/US$**
150from 99.00 €/US$**
250from 129.00 €/US$**

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 ImmoFlex Detail
 Are you a realtor or property developer? You want full control over duration, cost and 100% to be flexible? Then select one from our commercial offers. Offer from 1 cent*) per property and day.
 Day-exact account, 20 Pictures including, immediately on-line
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*) US$ only for North, South and Central American
  nur für Nord, Süd und Mittelamerika
*** Black Week ***
33% discount on all tariff
Valid until November 30, 2021 for new customers or customers,
who have not placed any offers in the last 6 months.

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