Holiday home Rijssen for rent Netherlands | Holiday home* in Holten max. 4 Persons

Holiday home* in Holten max. 4 Persons 

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Holiday home Rijssen for rent Netherlands
Holiday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent NetherlandsHoliday home Rijssen for rent Netherlands
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Chalet park is situated on a unique location, easily accessible and in the midst of outstanding natural beauty. This park in development is based on a lot of space around the chalets, beautiful ponds and a careful park design. All bungalows have a view of the pond.

Park lies at the foot of the Holterberg, part of the Salland Ridge. In this National Park you can see the deer running in the morning, with a little luck you can observe stone martens and badgers, and do spotting of 75 species of birds. In the woods and moors of the Salland Ridge you can enjoy hiking and cycling. There are also Nordic Walking trails. Buitenplaats Holten is beautifully spacious and offers you peace, space and silence of nature, to relax completely.

The World Time Path around the Holterberg offers several hiking trails. Each trail takes you through a different period of history. Along the route there are more than 2,000 signboards, on which facts are stated of the relevant year.

In the area there is a variety of possibilities for activities and day trips. Who wants a shopping spree or make trips, can visit the city of Rijssen (3 km) or the village of Holten (2 km) during the opening days.
Holiday Park
The beautiful National Park "De Sallandse Heuvelrug" is situated between the village of Holten and the town of Rijssen is. From your accommodation you bike or walk straight into the rolling heathland and vast forests. This landscape with hills and large stones was formed in the Ice Age. The main hills are the Hellendoornseberg, the Haarlerberg, the Holterberg and the Koningsbelt. The nature is very diverse and unusual species are living there, such as the almost extinct grouse on the Salland Heuvelrug. During walking and cycling trips you can spot them. You can cycle and walk without meeting anyone. The one and only companion is the wind rustling through the trees.

The cozy village of Rijssen has many fine shops and commended restaurants. The people have a Christian background and holds Sunday rest alive. On the fertile farmlands around Rijssen there are many original farmhouses, which give a good idea of how it used to be. On Monday morning there is a large, lively cloth market. Nearby you can biking, canoeing, horseback riding or riding by a horse-drawn carriage or wagon through nature.
- Swimming pool "the Koerbelt"
- Golf course "de Koepl" (Wierden)
- The museum of Rijssen in Castle "De Oosterhof" with an overview of the history of Rijssen
- International Firefighting Museum
- Cruise with Salonboat EMS "Reggestroom"
- Canoeing on the Regge
- Whisper Boat (electric) renting on the Regge
- Bowling on the nearby holiday park "Mölke"

The tourist village of Holten is known for its small shops, markets, fairs and many activities for young and old during high season. You will find there:
- Swimming pool "Twenhaarsveld"
- Panoramic view of the nature of Holterberg
- Canadian War Cemetery Holten, a piece of Canadian territory, where many soldiers who liberated Netherlands lie buried.

Cycling and walking through the beautiful nature of Twente and Salland starts at the Buitenplaats; the start and finish of cycling routes from 10 to 75 km. Special offers if you rent a bungalow:
- During the week of July 3 until July 6. You can join the Mölke Wandel4daagse for free. Every day we start walking from 9:00 to 10:00 am, and there is a new trail available of about 15 km. En route you can visit numerous attractions.
- In the week from August 28 until August 31. You can join the Mölke Fiets4daagse for free. Every day start biking tours between 10:00 to 12:00 am, and there is a new cycle route available of 35-40 km. En route you can visit numerous attractions.

This spacious & luxurious home has a very large and modern living room. Through the many large windows, you will have a beautiful panorama view over the water and the green nature. The living room has French doors, a spacious kitchen with dishwasher, two separate bedrooms, and a luxurious bathroom with designer radiator. Outside you have a lovely terrace and a covered veranda at the front with a beautiful view of the water. 

Possibility nearby / Möglichkeiten in der Nähe: o smoking!!!

If the reservation concerns a number of persons who together must or can be regarded as a group, the person who makes the reservation must immediately and explicitly mention this. The person making the reservation is jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of all obligations, not only for himself, but for all registered members who are part of his group. Group accommodation is possible to a limited extent at Buitenplaats Holten. Groups must pay a deposit per group upon arrival at the reception for the rented accommodation (amount to be determined in mutual consultation).

Young people traveling alone are not allowed in the rental properties or in the park.

Business bookings are not allowed. Only bookings with recreational purposes.

If you receive visitors, please report this at the reception and you pay the visitor's fee for this. We would like to point out that you are responsible for the behavior of your visitors. Visitors must have left the site by 10.30 pm at the latest. Visitors' cars are parked in the parking lot.

Despite all the organization and care, you may have a complaint. You must then immediately report your remark or complaint to the reception in order to resolve it. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, you have the opportunity to submit a written complaint to the management where the complaint is thoroughly investigated within 14 days after departure from the holiday park.

Buitenplaats Holten is not liable for: damage or injury resulting from a stay on our site; damage suffered by the use of the facilities on site; claims for damages arising from noise pollution caused by third parties; verbal or telephone information; the breakdown and / or being out of use of facilities and / or facilities.

Prices include VAT. If this is changed, we reserve the right to adjust the prices accordingly. Changes are reserved on all prices in this brochure. Errors or mistakes in this brochure do not bind us. Furthermore, the Recron Terms and Conditions apply.

The reservation of an object can be made directly via the Internet or by telephone at Buitenplaats Holten. You will receive your proof of reservation / invoice no later than 1 week after requesting the reservation. This proof of reservation is your proof of booking. The rates take into account the facilities available and whether or not they are used in the period in which you stay at our campsites.

If you have a preference for location, several bungalows next to each other or a specific number, then we would like to help you, if possible. The preferred costs are € 12.50 per booking.

When booking is made, 50% of the rent must be paid. The remaining amount must be in our possession at least one month before the start of the stay.

By participating in a cancellation insurance you can protect yourself against the costs of a possible cancellation. If you have not taken out insurance and you cancel the rented object, the cancellation rules in accordance with Article 6 of the Recron Terms and Conditions that are listed on or available at the reception are applied. A cancellation insurance can be taken out up to two weeks after reservation.

On the day of arrival the rented object can be occupied from 3 pm. Upon arrival you will receive the key and other information of interest to you at the reception. On the day of departure, the rented object must be vacated by 10 am at the latest.

Your bungalow will be cleaned by us upon departure. All you have to do is leave your accommodation broom clean, do the dishes and clean the fridge. Fold the duvets on the beds and put the sheets in a pillowcase. You put the garbage bag in the container.

Use and occupation maximum by the number of people for whom the accommodation is equipped. A full inventory is available in the accommodation.
Bed linen packages are ready upon arrival at your bungalow, cottage or caravan. If you want to change your bed during your stay, you can rent bed linen packages at € 7.50 at the reception. This package consists of a fitted sheet, a bottom sheet and a pillowcase (single) The rent of children's furniture (camp bed + high chair) is € 5 per period (specify when booking). You have to bring the duvet and bed linen for the camp bed yourself.

A maximum of 1 passenger car may be parked at each rental accommodation or campsite. The other cars must be placed in the parking lot.

No pets are allowed in the park and in the accommodations.

Please note that young groups and parties are not allowed.
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