free XML real estate manager for data transmission
With the free integrated XML portal manager, you can now even easier and more convenient your properties without additional, expensive software set directly into another property portals. We differentiate between so-called, usually free partner portals or the completely normal, usually liable to pay the costs real estate portals.
Portals free and partner (partner, immobilienportal):
Around your real estate offers to oure partner portals to transfer, you must activate only in the management under portal managers - partner portals the desired portal. A separate registration is not necessary.
In the partner portals, your real estate offers are fully automatic administered.
With the free real estate portals, which not when partners are characterized, a registration is necessary and the transmission of the offers must take place manually.

real estate portals (not free):
You must start the data communication to these manually in management - portal manager - data communication.
Additionally you can stop still if necessary the number of offers themselves which can be transferred.
More, you find in theNewsletter 2006/05

Into the following portals you can transfer your offers free of charge and directly at present. The free real estate portals are characterized and are administered automatically. The other, a registration/a contract is necessary:
1A Immobilienmarkt
AllesKralle partner, immobilienportalfree
ebay Kleinanzeigen
FreeImmopartner, immobilienportalfree
Grundstü  http://www.grundstü
immo (4) trans  free
Immobilienmarkt  free
Immobiliensicht free
Immobilo partner, immobilienportalfree  free
Immokat  free
ImmoPro24 partner, immobilienportalfree partner, immobilienportalfree
ImmoZentral  free
Ivd24immobilien free
LocaBerlin  free
Mobillo  free
Newhome  free
nuroa partner, immobilienportalfree  free  free
twitter.compartner, immobilienportalfree
Wasserblick  free
Wunschimmo free

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