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These sides use Javascript around you to lead and/or for you your inputs facilitate. Likewise e.g. so-called 'PopUp-windows' are adjusted over Javascript and steered animations thereby. With the production of these sides however it was made certain that the full operability of the sides remains also without Javascript. Within those ranges, within which the use of Javascript was indispensable, you to it are separately referred. Otherwise it is however not compellingly necessary to activate Javascript.
Netscape (6/7)
> working on
> attitudes
> extendent
> Scripts & Plugins
> activate JavaScript for Navigator
> confirm with 'OK'
> extras
> InterNet options
> security
> stage adapt
> active scripting
> activate
> confirm with 'OK'
> confirm with 'Yes'
> confirm with 'OK'
> file
> setup
> Plug-Ins
> JavaScript
> activate 'use JavaScript'
> confirm with 'OK'